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"When I met Solange I had lost my mind, body, and soul. I had been sick for 3 years and finally 
after 15 different doctors,  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroid disease at age 38. 
The endocrinologist said I needed to begin the use of medicine right away to improve my thyroid.  
I mentioned alternative medicine (as both my grandparents had died due to over use of medicine) 
and he said. "Your thyroid will never improve without medicine. 
"Today, after working with Solange for almost 4 years, my thyroid health is much better than it was then, my mental state is much stronger and I am rarely ever sick.  I do not use medicine, only supplements and Solange has literally saved my life and given it back to me! If you want to live a healthy life without being a slave to our current medical environment, you have found your savior!"
-Leigh D. CA

"Because of Solange, my life has changed in so many ways and I'll be forever grateful for you.  I just wanted to let you know again that because of you I am much happier and healthier. "

-Sandreia V.

"As a 5' 10" woman, weighing 118 lbs was not a good look, nor did I feel strong in any way.  I couldn't eat; my body did not want to absorb any food.  Being on a GAP diet did not help me at all.  Instead, it alienated food from my system in a very aggressive way.  Once I realized that the Gap diet was hurting me I reached out to acupuncture. This was a better alternative, however I was still suffering. My body was still attacking me, my skin was always breaking out, especially on my face. Raw and sore, and at one point even oozing. This was extremely painful, at time unbearable. Not to mention the awkwardness of not having a normal appearance. I was extremely exhausted all the time. I wasn't lazy, I just couldn't do much. I had almost resigned myself to sleeping on day and not waking up. A sort of quiet death, a welcome relief. I was done. Two years of slowly falling apart. I really hit bottom. All that I know is that I would died had i not met Solange.

It only took a brief phone conversation to convince me that this woman was knowledgeable, and sensitive, and trustworthy with not only my phsyical issues, but perhaps even  the emotional challenges that i had developed during this trying time. If it were not for her insistence on the blood tests, we would never have discovered my severe vitamin D deficiency, or low vitamin B levels, or high iron levels!! She worked in-depth analyzing all of my test results, before ever putting together our plan of action.

For months we worked hard on my health, with diet, supplements, and our deep discussions. I was very honest with her in all aspects of my life. She never skimmed on time when I came to appointments. Solange worked on "me" the entire person, not just the physical, but also the 'spiritual emotional being". I will always be grateful to her for giving me back my life, and an avenue to better my life, in her very gracious, generous, open loving way. Thank you Solange."

Solange left her native Switzerland after studying and working for nine years in the pharmaceutical and medical field. She became disillusioned with the standard medical approach and came to California to study Holistic Health and Nutrition. For the past 25 years she had been studying health and wellness. She earned a Master in Holistic Health and Nutrition and a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology. 

Solange has been studying Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis with Dr. Datis Kharrazian for the past eight years and has reinvented her Health and Wellness practice to include Functional Nutrition, a cutting edge and brilliant approach to health. She specializes in Thyroid disorders including auto-immune, digestive issues (see resource page), peri-menopause and menopause imbalances.

Solange’s passion in life is to assist her clients in achieving radiant health in mind, body and spirit. Solange is a compassionate and dedicated health practitioner ready to help you discover and understand the picture of your health through Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis and nutritional counseling.

To read about Solange's personal journey to wellness, go to the Resources page.

Let Solange guide you on your journey to radiant health!