I suffered for 15 years with debilitating stomach aches that would visit me regularly and incapacitate me for a few days at a time. Sometimes I was folded in two like a very old person and could not even drive my kids to school. My doctor, whom I trusted, kept calling my symptoms IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) it is also called the “BS” diagnosis because IBS is a blanket diagnosis doctors use when patients suffer from unexplained chronic abdominal pain.

One day in 2006, the pain got so bad that I had to go to the emergency room for treatment. Once I got there, they put an IV in my arm, rolled me through the CAT scan machine, and I was quickly diagnosed with a kidney stone and sent home with a narcotic. I could not believe it, my stomach was so painful and distended and I did not have any low back pain that could even suggest a kidney stone, they gave me a filter to catch the stone and sent me home. Of course, the stone never came out because there was no kidney stone in the first place. In addition, I was charged $3500 for the visit.

I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. I had met my deductible and it was time to find out what was the cause of those mysterious stomach aches. So I went to a Gastro- Enterolgist and had a battery of tests, I did an endoscopy (no fun), a colonoscopy (thank God they put me under), and I even swallowed that big camera pill for a day to see what was going on with my digestive system.

What they found was not pretty, but I finally discovered that I had developed an auto-immune condition that was creating severe inflammation in my colon and causing all the attacks I had for so many years. If I wanted to get well I had an important choice to make. Traditional
medicine which had not helped me in the past and would only offer me prescription drugs like antibiotics, cortisone and anti-inflammatory, all with serious potential for side effects or go the holistic road. I chose the second option and have never looked back.  With the help of my
holistic chiropractor, I did the 4R program (explained below).  I also did a cleanse to help identify the foods I was sensitive to and removed them from my diet. I feel the best I have ever felt. I can say that 90% of my digestive issues have disappeared with this approach and as a bonus my chronic sinus issues and skin issues have resolved. I feel like a new woman.

After experiencing such phenomenal results, without a single prescription drug, I knew I had discovered the holy grail to restore health and I started to study Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis with Dr Datis Kharrazian. He is at the cutting edge of nutrition and teaches seminars with Apex Energetics. For the past 5 years I have attended over 250 hours of courses in the field of Functional Nutrition. What I like most about this approach is that it goes to the cause of the problem and the goal is to restore function not to suppress symptoms, which is what traditional medicine does. When the body expresses a symptom that is an indication that something is out of balance, suppressing the symptom does not take care of  the cause of the issue in the first place.

I am a firm believer that health starts in the GUT.  About 80% of our immune system is in the gut, and many of our hormones and neuro-transmitteur receptors are in the gut. Our gut is also referred to as our second brain and often a depression that will not lift even after
taking medication is often due to a leaky gut, an intestinal permeability issue that has gone untreated. Often the types of food we eat, especially if we have developed a sensitivity to them over time, can create digestive issues and ultimately create a leaky gut.

Become an expert at assessing your own digestive symptoms using the guide below. 

Many of you might be experiencing digestive symptoms in a regular basis and don't 

understand why and what it could mean.


Do you remember the last time your digestive system seemed to work perfectly?
Do you remember the last time you felt like you could eat anything?
If those days are long gone here is real help for you.


Digestion start in the mouth (Tip: eat slowly and chew well). The food we eat, after traveling through the digestive system and being assimilated for energy (what is not absorb turns to waste) ends its 24-72 hour journey when the undigested waste is eliminated through the rectum. Many organs are involved during digestion and play an important part in assuring a healthy digestion (extracting energy from our food efficiently without creating symptoms).

For example, your pancreas is in charge of secreting Insulin to metabolize the sugar and carbohydrates you have eaten and also to make digestive enzymes to break down your food in the small intestines. You gallbladder is in charge on secreting bile to emulsify the fat you have eaten with your meal. Each organ plays a critical role and like an orchestra, they need to play their part well in order to create a harmonious digestion.

Digestive issues can occur at many different levels. Often low Hydrochloride acid is the starting point of digestive issues. Food leaves the stomach poorly digested and a door is left open for bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that are not destroyed by healthy levels of stomach acid to create infections in the colon. Low hydrochloride acid (HCL) is one of the most common condition I find when I do a health evaluation with blood test. The blood markers that indicate low HCL are BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen), Protein and Globulin (increased or decreased), and Phosphorus (decreased.)

This condition is very misunderstood and many people take antacids and aggravate the situation because they are not aware that heartburn can be caused by low HCL rather than high HCL. Often the burning sensation after a meal is due to a lack of HCL, the food that was eaten because of poor digestion due to low levels of HCL, ferments in the stomach and that is what is causing the heartburn and acid reflex. Sometimes heartburn can be caused by a bacterial infection called H-Pylori and needs to be treated accordingly; when I look at blood test results I can see that White Blood Cells are either decreased (chronic) or increased (acute) and neutrophils are increased indicating that an infection is present. Also, that undigested food due to low of HCL travels through the intestines and causes bloating, gas and other uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms. For example, if you have gas as soon as you eat that it a sign that your have low HCL, if you have gas 4 hours after your meal that is a sign that you are lacking digestive enzymes. After this scenario goes on for a while, sometimes years, disbiosis is created (imbalance between healthy and bad bacteria in the colon) and soon chronic inflammation and food sensitivities can be triggered creating a vicious cycle that perpetuates the inflammation.




When the intestinal tract becomes inflamed from poor diet, lifestyle, and medications such as antibiotics, intestinal permeability becomes compromised. When the digestive tract mucosa is inflamed, the tight junctions of the intestinal mucosa are damaged as they become widened and permeable to large undigested compounds, toxins, and bacteria. The large compounds of undigested proteins that are absorbed are reacted against the underlying intestinal immune system and promotes exaggerated immune response. This create a vicious cycle of further intestinal inflammation and greater loss of intestinal barrier integrity.

Many symptoms can be attributed to leaky gut syndrome such as:


Below are specific symptoms that are linked to specific Digestive issues. If you have most of the symptoms described, the corresponding supplements from Apex Energetics is indicated and recommended.

Category I: Colon/Leaky Gut Syndrome

Feeling that bowels do not empty completely             0 1 2 3
Lower abdominal pain relief by passing stool or gas  0 1 2 3
Alternating constipation and diarrhea                         0 1 2 3
Diarrhea                                                                      0 1 2 3
Constipation                                                                0 1 2 3
Hard dry or small stool                                                0 1 2 3
Coated tongue of “fuzzy” debris on tongue                 0 1 2 3
Pass large amount of foul smelling gas                      0 1 2 3
More than 3 bowel movements daily                          0 1 2 3
Do you use laxatives frequently                                  0 1 2 3

If you experience many of the symptoms above I recommend doing the 4R Program:

REMOVE: Bacteria, pathogens, viruses, parasite, yeast and mold
USE: GI Synergy (K64) (to remove all pathogens) 1 packet 2x per day
RE-INOCULATE: probiotics
USE: Strengtia (K61) (high quality Pro-biotic) 2 capsules per day
REPLACE: Hydrochloride acid, gallbladder support and digestive enzymes
USE: HCL ProZyme (Z26 ) 1-2 tablets with main meals
Bilemin (K11) 1-2 capsules with meals
Super-DigestZyme (Z22) 1-2 tablets with meals
USE: Repairvite (K60) 1 serving 2x per day (follow special diet included)

Category II: Hypochlorydia

Excessive belching burping or bloating                                                              0 1 2 3
Gas immediately following a meal                                                                      0 1 2 3
Offensive breath                                                                                                 0 1 2 3
Difficult bowel movements                                                                                  0 1 2 3
Sense of fullness during and after meals                                                            0 1 2 3
Difficulty digesting fruits and vegetables; undigested foods found in stools        0 1 2 3

If you experience many of the symptoms above I recommend:
HCL-ProZyme (Z26) 1-2 tablets with main meals

Category III: Hyperacidity (Ulcer) or (H-Pylori)

Stomach pain, burning or aching 1- 4 hours after eating                                         0 1 2 3
Do you frequently use antacids                                                                                0 1 2 3
Feeling hungry an hour or two after eating                                                               0 1 2 3
Heartburn when lying down or bending forward                                                       0 1 2 3
Temporary relief from antacids, food, milk, carbonated beverages                          0 1 2 3
Digestive problems subside with rest and relaxation                                                0 1 2 3
Heartburn due to spicy foods, chocolate, citrus, peppers, alcohol and caffeine       0 1 2 3

If you experience many of the symptoms above I recommend:

For Hyperacidity (during secondary to Hyphchlorhydria):
USE: HCL-Prozyme (Z26) 1-4 tablets with main meals
Gastro-ULC (K29) 2-3 tablets, with meals or as needed

For Hyperacidity (during ulcer or Pre-Ulcer):
USE: Gastro-ULC (K29) 2-3 tablets, with meals or as needed
HPL-R (K32) 2 capsules, 3 times per day for 30 days

For Hyperacidity (during stress)
USE: AdrenaCalm (K16) apply as directed, 2-3 times a day
Gastro ULC (K29) 203 tablets, with meals or as needed

Category IV: Small Intestine (Pancreas)

Roughage and fiber cause constipation                                                  0 1 2 3
Indigestion and fullness lasts 2-4 hours after eating                               0 1 2 3
Pain, tenderness, soreness on left side under rib cage bloated              0 1 2 3
Excessive passage of gas                                                                       0 1 2 3
Nausea and/or vomiting                                                                           0 1 2 3
Excessive passage of gas                                                                       0 1 2 3
Stool undigested, foul smelling,mucous-like, greasy or poorly formed    0 1 2 3
Frequent urination                                                                                    0 1 2 3
Increased thirst and appetite                                                                    0 1 2 3
Difficulty losing weight                                                                              0 1 2 3

If you experience many of the symptoms above I recommend:

HCL-ProZyme (Z26) 1-2 tablets with main meals
SuperDigestZyme (Z22) 1-2 tablets with meals

Category V: Biliary Insufficiency/Statis

Greasy or high fat foods cause distress                                                     0 1 2 3
Lower bowel gas and or bloating several hours after eating                      0 1 2 3
Bitter metallic taste in mouth, especially in the morning                             0 1 2 3
Unexplained itchy skin                                                                                0 1 2 3
Yellowish cast to eyes                                                                                 0 1 2 3
Stool color alternates from clay colored to normal brown                           0 1 2 3
Reddened skin, especially palms                                                                0 1 2 3
Dry or flaky skin and/or hair                                                                        0 1 2 3
History of gallbladder attacks or stones                                                      0 1 2 3
Have you had your gallbladder removed?                                                  Yes No

If you experience many of the symptoms above I recommend the following:
Nutritional Support During Gallstone/Biliary Stasis

Methyl-SP (K14) 1-2 capsules, with meals
Lypominn-LV (K33) 1-3 capsules, 3 times a day
Metacrin-DX (K10) 2-3 capsules, 2-3 times a day
Bilemin (K11) 1-2 capsules, 3 times per day

All recommended supplements are from APEX Energetics, an exceptional company with exceptional products.
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