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 In addition to the blood test: 

In  addition, other types of testing are available on an as needed basis such as ASI (Adrenal Salivary Index), saliva testing for minor hormones such as Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone. Tests for Auto Immune diseases, food allergies as well as tests to detect any parasites or foreign pathogens that should not be in your body.

Solange Meier-Pieri can consult with and ship supplements to anyone living in the U.S. 
A full line of Apex Energetics supplements is available. Call for more info 619.992.0182.

-Insulin hormone markers to rule out any dysglycemia patterns (sugar imbalances) such as Hypoglycemia, Insulin Resistance or Diabetes
-Adrenal markers to rule out hyper or hypo adrenal function
-Anemia markers to rule out Iron, B12, Folic acid or other patterns of Anemia
-G.I markers to rule out hyperacidity or hypochlorydria, leading to poor digestion and assimilation
-Thyroid markers (6) to rule out hypo or hyper function or Pituitary Thyroid imbalances
-CBS with differentials to rules out any acute or chronic bacterial,viral or parasitic infection, looking for any abnormal read blood cells and white blood cells patterns
-Lipid panel checking status of Cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides
-Liver markers to assess liver function
-Kidney markers to assess kidney function
-Vitamin D 25 hydroxy checking for Vitamin D deficiencies

-Detailed Metabolic Assessment, Health assessment and Neuro-Transmitter assessment
-Customized report on your unique Picture of Health
-2 hour private consultation for report of findings and Nutritional counseling
-Carrying a full line of Apex Energetics supplements


Comprehensive blood chemistry panel through Labcorp with over 50 blood tests including Vitamin D.  The blood panel will assess the status of: